and Many Happy Returns

IMG_0001The Quartermaster’s clan is back from a coastal retreat, reasonably refreshed and renewed.

Camping can be exhausting because it’s a lot of work, especially with small kids. Mrs. Q and I are a bit less tired than usual.

This year was really the first time that the older boys were actually helpful when it came to packing and chores. They packed their own clothes and entertainment, for the most part. They contributed by watching the baby and playing with the 4-year-old, and also doing some of the camp dishes, carrying the garbage, etc.

In addition to the wildlife we brought with us (wild children, wild dogs), we encountered: banana slugs, mocking jays, peafowl, deer, raccoons, spiders, snakes, sea urchins, centipedes, gulls, anemones, starfish, and crabs of various sorts.

IMG_0034 DSC_0147

There were some very minor automotive difficulties, none of which prevented us from reaching our destination and getting home safely. Of course, I was anxious about it the whole time. We managed to entirely discharge the battery while packing to leave, and without realizing we all piled into the car, turned the ignition, and “click, click, click…” But all that was required was a jumpstart and we stopped at the service station to test the battery before leaving town.

DSC_0203Then, our intrepid pastor (who has been experiencing some difficulties with his car — “six emergency stops in five weeks” for a car with 175K+ miles and nearly 20 years of age) left town to meet us after the Sunday masses, and texted from the road that he was stopping to investigate the reason for illuminated “A/T Fluid Temp” and “Battery” idiot lights. Slowed him down a bit, but we met him at a place where there was cell phone service and he followed us into the wilderness where (mercifully) there is still no cell phone coverage. Nobody was stranded, and no one had to abandon their vehicle, so it was good travels.

DSC_0115A wonderful trip. We played card games and talked around the campfire. Roasted marshmallows, made S’mores. Cooked up hearty breakfasts and the favorite Guatemalan coffee in the Moki. Brought growlers of homebrew and picked up some more beer from Russian River Brewing Company.

Grilled sausages, made cornbread on the camp stove, cooked a big pot of homemade chili one night. Moules frites. Molinari salami. Cheese — Mt. Tam from Cowgirl and Point Reyes Blue. Prayed the Liturgy of the Hours and the Novena to the Holy Spirit before bedtime.



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