The Lego Movie is Darn-Darn-Darny-Darn-Darn- Good Fun!

IMG_5812Legos are big in our family. We recently adopted a “no screens” rule, but every so often we still sit down together as a family to watch a movie or worthwhile television show. We try to choose something we can all enjoy. Last week, for “Family Date Night”, we got a pizza and popped popcorn, and watched the Lego Movie together, which was hilarious entertainment. Many PG-rated movies have a lot of cringeworthy content, but this movie was very creative and clean. Lots of laughs and things grownup will like, too.

A Lego "Hospital"

A Lego “Hospital”

Fr. A came over late Friday night, and I mentioned how good it was, he said he wanted to watch it, so I played it for him and Mrs. Q. I watched most of it with them, and laughed all over again. Father laughed so loud, we couldn’t believe that he didn’t wake anyone sleeping upstairs.

Check out the legendary Steven Greydanus’ Review of the Lego Movie for a more in-depth review (I understand he’s in the program for permanent diaconate, so take a moment and pray for him, too).



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