Update on Quartermaster’s “No Screens” Policy

Summer is upon us. The homeschool year is almost over. Just a few subjects finishing up this week, and next week we will end the year by having “The Challenges” (which I am making up to turn final exams into something a bit more fun).

So, what do modern First World children do when there are no screens to keep them occupied?

Well….. for starters, they make a lot more noise. Especially boys. I don’t know about girls yet, because the girl is too young to use screens. I guess I’ll never know if girls are more loud without screens. They probably are.

They also move around a lot more. Goes along with the noise. Wrestling, laughing, playing rowdy games. They go outside quite a bit. Building forts, playing ball, swimming, running through the sprinklers. Making mud puddles and destroying the yard.

Inside they play board games, card games, put together jigsaw puzzles. They build a lot of creations out of Legos. They word on crafts. Yesterday the 11-year-old made alphabet flashcards for the 4-year-old. They are generally more helpful and do their chores more happily. But there’s more mess too. Lot’s more stuff spread out everywhere.

They hunt for toads and frogs in the evening twilight. In preparation for an upcoming camping trip to the coast, we pitched the family tent in the backyard and they had a campout one night.

They are selling their personal game consoles and old games on Amazon and using the money from that to buy water guns, Nerf guns (with the foam bullets), more games and puzzles.

If they are quiet, that means they are reading.

Luckily, swim team has started and so the two bigger boys are swimming an hour each day. One of them also goes to Tai Kwon Do three times a week. The 4-year-old is doing swimming lessons.

Also, over Memorial Day weekend the boys and I planted our FIRST vegetable garden. I was so surprised how excited they were to help. I am certain they would have totally ignored this fun and healthy activity if it weren’t for turning off the screens. At bedtime, Mrs. Q asked them what they had the most fun doing over the weekend, and all three of them said it was planting the garden!

IMG_5807Note: Mrs. Q just forwarded this link to an article discussing brain abnormalities and Internet addiction



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