A Small Request…..

I already have a few day jobs, and I do not anticipate asking readers to contribute to the upkeep of this blog. Some (far more talented, articulate and intelligent) Catholic bloggers justly seek donations from readers because they need paying work to keep going. I suggest that if you are inclined to help out a blogger by making a contribution, you send your money to one of the professionals like Mark Shea or Rocco Palmo, who provide something that is truly worth your time and money.

But if you enjoy this blog, would you please consider:

  1. “Liking” Quartermaster of the Barque on Facebook, or “following” on Twitter;
  2. Suggesting this blog to friends or family;
  3. Sharing or linking an article somewhere on the web;
  4. Praying for me and this blog.

Also, perhaps you’ve missed the following articles that have been featured in the blogosphere:

Thank you, and may God bless you richly and keep you today and always.



3 thoughts on “A Small Request…..

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  2. Haven’t been seeing as many of your posts in a while, but as always, I thoroughly enjoy each and every one of them when I do. I appreciate the time, effort and thoughtfullness of all that you do. Warmest wishes for a blessed Easter…

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