Anything on the Calendar for September 2015?

You could meet the Holy Father in Philadelphia for the World Family Conference. His attendance has not been officially confirmed, but Archbishop Chaput certainly believes that the Pope will be there. Pretty sure that this would be Bergoglio’s first ever visit to the United States. Will he also visit Washington, NYC….. Chicago? Can’t imagine a West Coast visit in this trip.

In 1987, I was a small boy living with my parents in Santa Rosa, CA. We were not Catholic. In fact, pretty sure I didn’t know anyone who was Catholic, yet I recall discussion of news stories and maybe even a couple tv clips of John Paul II’s apostolic pilgrimage to the United States from September 10 through September 20 — a whirlwind tour.

I didn’t really know anything about JPII except that he wore white, had a big gold cross around his neck and an even bigger smile. He seemed pretty cool to me, though I had no idea who he was or what he represented. He visited Miami, New Orleans, Washington D.C., Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Los Angeles, San Francisco (I have specific recall of a news story in Santa Rosa’s Press Democrat paper of a group from my hometown that managed to greet JPII there), Detroit, and finally Canada. There is a cool group of photos here.


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