I agree with nearly everything (Except the Title)

Brantly Millegan writes a piece for Aleteia entitled “Why We’re Losing”:

Why have activists for homosexuality been so successful over such a short period of time, while pro-life activists have been unable to make significant progress?

The answer is complex, of course, and entails many factors. There is one factor, though, that is seldom discussed publicly, yet is essential to a full explanation of the difference: the ubiquitous acceptance and use of contraception.
So if the use of contraception is acceptable, its implications are clear: sex need not be ordered to procreation; nor need it be a full, physical gift of self that would imply the life-long commitment and unity of marriage; and sexual difference and the integrity of our bodies need not be respected. With this view of sex, people are free to have a series of sexual partners and varying kinds of sexual relationships.

Read the rest here.

The argument that much of what plagues the pro-life movement involves the contraceptive mentality is sound. The premise that we’re losing isn’t really necessary to the article, and isn’t supported apart from citing to inherently flawed polling data, which points not to decline but stagnation, which is more like not winning rather than losing, if that’s not a distinction without a difference (good luck unwinding all the double negatives).


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