I’m not really ready to write about it yet…..

But this week marks some pretty significant changes to the family rules in the Quartermaster’s home. So even though I’m not prepared to share what these things are yet (I’m still observing, assessing, reflecting, and honestly: refining), I would very much appreciate your prayers for us.

Truly loving another person is wanting the highest and best thing for him, or her. In Chapter 8 of C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, he writes that “God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.” In desiring the highest and best thing for another person, what we want for another is true peace and happiness — God — who, at life’s end, draws us home to Heaven!

What a world we would live in if drawing others to Christ were the goal of every person! 

As parents, we gain some perspective on ourselves through our children. We come to understand that giving in to everything a child wants or insists upon to be happy is neither good nor healthy. Likewise, God is the loving Father of us all. He does not perpetually pour Skittles, Bacon and Beer from the sky so we can glut ourselves on His goodness all the time.

This is not because God is mean or unkind, but because He knows what we need, and even good things cease to be good when our attachment to them is too great.

We belong with and to God. With all things that do not keep us with — or bring us to — God, we must practice a spirit of detachment, for ourselves and for those to whom we are responsible.

I pray that God grants you a peaceful, restful weekend, and His Joy today and always. And I look forward to sharing more about this, once I can share some of the fruits. The harvest has already started.



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