About that Satanic “Black Mass” at Harvard University…..

I’m not linking to anything regarding this story. Links abound, elsewhere.

The group behind it is the same as the one involved in the Oklahoma monument (a bronze 10-foot statue of Baphomet surrounded by fawning children to be installed on public grounds). They are a group of atheists who associate their flavor of “Satanism” purely with repudiation of Christianity, primarily Catholicism.

Members of this group say and possibly think that God is not real, and therefore neither is the Devil. Thus, they say and possibly think that it doesn’t matter whether a consecrated host is used during this event hosted on the Harvard campus.

Believing or disbelieving in God or the Devil doesn’t cause them to exist or cease existing. They both exist. Every soul will come to realize this. Consider Pascal’s Wager.

Given the nature of our society at this time, it should come as no surprise that a small group of idiots would invoke the Devil’s name to score some publicity. What is surprising, and should be the source of alarm, is that much more than this is already happening, in the open, during national broadcasts.

The Devil is a coward. That we are seeing things like this done openly should be a sign.


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