Dear Google, I think our relationship is OVER

When I enter a search string, I’m looking for the most relevant results, and I’m not interested in being the mark in a shill for Big Death Corp.

Following recent reports concerning the fact that NARAL convinced Google to remove ads for real Crisis Pregnancy Centers in its search engine, today at, the good people there asked the question, “What if I google ‘Crisis Pregnancy Center’?” This is what they found:

GoogleSearchCPCsPlannedParenthood-04292014-624px-624x404As an experiment, I tried it myself. Apparently Google sorts results based upon your location and other factors, so not everyone gets the same response. Here’s what was returned for me (check out the second “most relevant” result, after a Wikipedia entry explaining what CPCs are):

CPCScreenShotOrwell mistakenly assumed that the Ministry of Truth would function entirely as a uniform entity of a one-armed government. Perhaps, one day, that is where we will wind up. But for right now, the secular culture propaganda machine is a coalition of “private” and “public” interests, which are becoming evermore similar to one another, so that rather than one arm controlling the levers, there is a multi-tentacled octopus of coordinated movement, that frightens, confuses and distracts all at once.

Remember, Google and Planned Parenthood operate under the guise of being private entities. Advertisers pay for placement on Google.

The protections guaranteed to us by the United States Constitution apply primarily to what the government may or may not do. The right to free speech on Facebook (or a private shopping mall) doesn’t really exist in the same way that it does if I stand outside Faneuil Hall in Boston.

The owner of a business does not have an obligation to provide me a forum, and Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the rest are the fora of the Technology Age. They can silence anything or anyone with a click of the mouse. A private operator of a social media network doesn’t even have to tell me that I’m being censored. We hear a lot about this or that totalitarian regime “shutting down” a social media site, yet no one concerns themselves with internal censorship at these sites. It could be happening right now. How do we even know, for example, whether stories truly “go viral” or not? 

And, just in case you’re wondering, the United States Supreme Court already determined long ago that as a private citizen, I have no right to avoid having my tax dollars being used to fund activities that I deem to be morally objectionable. I cannot, for example, issue a FOIA request to Planned Parenthood, though it receives millions from taxpayers. There is no way (that I can think of) to determine whether what Planned Parenthood receives from taxpayers is used to pay for “advertising” misleading information about CPCs on Google’s sites. That could be happening too, yet we would never know.

Maybe someone can let me know if there are viable alternatives to Google. Maybe as my ceremonial final search, I’ll search “Alternatives to Google”.


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