The Evil of Consequentialism Summed Up in a Single Headline:


A few more (I’ll just make these up):

Murderer of 89-year-old pensioner pleads for reduced sentence: “I was just trying to save taxpayers money”

Firefighters: “It seemed best to let polluting plastics factory burn down; two owners only people trapped inside”

Tobacco companies shift marketing to appeal to welfare recipients; offers lottery tickets in specially marked cigarette cartons

Anger mounts against the 1%: French vintners justify addition of lead and arsenic to premier cru exports

Feds promote “coaxing” auto buyers into “greener” new vehicles by lifting regs: “Combustion engines may combust and safety cannot be guaranteed; new official policy is caveat emptor”

The demands of health care rationing under ACA: “self-inflicted” conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes to be considered “low treatment priority”; preserve resources for “non-complicit” patients

Soylent Green is people!


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