Homebrew Draft System Upgrade: Take 2

This week I posted my review of these thoroughly cheap — yet shiny — Chinese-made beer kegs, which unfortunately brought about the opposite of an upgrade in terms of beer quality. They went back to the seller, and thankfully I received a full refund, including shipping (it took a little coaxing, but the seller ultimately took care of it for me).

Today, I took delivery of these, brand-new, Italian-made, kegs:


Build quality, precision of welds, craftsmanship and materials are superior to the Chinese kegs. A hopeful sign is that upon arrival, they were both holding a seal. I also bought one of these as an upgrade to sanitation.

Tomorrow will be a brew day. I created a new IPA recipe — I’m going for 6% ABV and 60 IBUs, using a mix of Columbus, Simcoe and Amarillo, and changing up my regular malt profile to cut back on sweetness (from crystal malts, which I use a fair amount in most of my recipes). For this ten-gallon batch, instead of domestic crystal, I’ll use some Victory, Vienna and CaraMunich, along with a pound of dextrose. I know, the CaraMunich is pretty much like crystal too, but it’s supposed to be more toasty/biscuity and less sweet than the domestic crystals. I’m hoping for the crisp dryness of an “English” IPA to compliment the use of “West Coast” IPA hops.


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