Beer and Government: If it ain’t broke…..

Then waste a lot of time, hire a bunch of new government functionaries, promulgate a whole lot of worthless additional regulation, and figure out how to break it:

For generations brewers have been selling leftover brewing grains to farmers to feed to their livestock [I compost mine, or feed spent grains (and hops!) to our hens], but now the feds want to interfere and make that transaction harder and more expensive, a move that will drive up the costs of both beer and food……

Currently brewers make deals with farmers where the farmers cart off the used grains. Often the deal is done without cost to both parties……

But under the new rules, the grains would be regulated like pet foods and would have to meet FDA regulations for food safety. These regulations would cost both farmers and brewers more than a handshake.

Naturally there isn’t a single report in the entire history of these grain deals of harm coming to either livestock or humans. [This is the key thing. There’s absolutely no reason for this, other than it’s a transaction that’s currently unregulated and the Government doesn’t like that.] Regardless, regulators in Washington have found yet another thing to interfere in and, yet again, the feds want to stop Americans from doing something they’ve done since the country was young…..

Good job justifying your existence, federal government. Glad to know you’re always there to protect us beer-swilling idiots and simpletons from the awesome and terrible specter of — wait for it! — nothing at all.



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