This might explain Everything about the Mess we’re in

In the United States, 86 million full-time private sector employees “sustain” 147 million “benefit-takers”. The 16 million government employees who also comprise the American workforce don’t count as “sustainers” for the “takers”, because the government doesn’t actually produce anything and is not an enterprise from which tax revenue is derived; their incomes are all derived from the taxes paid by those in the private sector. Interestingly, 52% of Americans say their taxes are too high. If you consider that half of all Americans don’t pay any income tax, what you have is a national workforce that is entirely overburdened by regulation and excessive taxation, and all of this is before President Obama’s complete implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

The ratio is 1.7 “dependents” to every 1 private sector worker. It’s unsustainable.


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