Proposed Amendment to the California Code of Judicial Ethics

If officially adopted, would bar sitting judges from participating in the Boy Scouts of America, because the revised Code would classify the Boy Scouts as practicing “invidious discrimination” against gay people.

Generally, each state adopts two codes of legal ethics — one for judges, and another for lawyers. Lawyers obviously have more autonomy than judges, because judges must avoid any appearance of misusing their official public position. Usually judges are held to the “highest” standard, although legal professionals have a duty to conduct themselves ethically at all times. Besides, ethics codes merely recite what a professional should already know and follow.

Don’t be deceived: the fight for “gay rights” isn’t about tolerance. It’s about making approval of gay lifestyle compulsory for participation in public life. The ultimate aim is about crushing dissent and expelling anyone who does not surrender their conscience. People have a hard time walking away from their livelihoods. Lawyers, doctors, and other professionals are next: various codes of professional conduct are being rewritten right now to say that there are no conscience protections for anyone on the issue of gay rights.

At each politically expedient turn, the revisions will be proposed, dissenters will be shamed, ridiculed, and ultimately destroyed, and Catholics — and any other people of conscience who remain — will lose any remaining places at the table.


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