When you’re Catholic, Wonders never Cease

There’s no end to what you can learn!

After being a Catholic for 14 years, I’m just now getting into the meat of “types” and “precursors” in Scripture, which isn’t really what the article linked above is about, but equally fascinating. The Bible is most certainly a historical record, but also something for which we ascribe a certain… Inspiration. Every time I learn something new from the historical record that fits into what we already know about Christ, I’m reminded of how truly credible Catholicism is.

As an aside, over a couple beers the other night, Fr. A and I were talking about context in Scripture, and he mentioned something that he had just learned about crucifixion that I had never heard before — something really meaningful about the way we look at Christ. It’s good. I’ll say no more because an article on this is forthcoming — look for it before Good Friday — if only I can get a chance to do the research and get the facts together……

Francisco de Zurbarán, Angus Dei, c. 1635-40

Francisco de Zurbarán, Angus Dei, c. 1635-40


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