Last week I posted this which included mention of the fact that in response to the outcry over Dominican Sister Jane Dominic Laurel presenting a talk on sexual morality at Charlotte Catholic High School, a spokesman for the Diocese of Charlotte who attended a meeting with parents apparently apologized for the fact that Sister Jane was permitted to speak to Catholic highschoolers about Catholic sexual morality. It appeared from the most current reporting at the time that the bishop of Charlotte, Peter Jugis, was responding to pressure to distance the diocese from Sister Jane, leaving her on the margin merely for defending Church teachings.

According to LifeSiteNews, the diocese, through its communications director, has stated that nothing in Sister Jane’s talk was opposed to Church teaching, and that she would be welcomed to speak in the diocese in the future. Also stated in this article is the fact that Bishop Jugis’ further statement on the situation is forthcoming.

Good. The bishop will give a statement, and we’re poised to drink a toast to his good health, and cheer “Huzzah!” for his leadership. Based upon everything else I read about Bishop Jugis, he is a good, orthodox, pastor. There’s probably been some confusion in the diocese over this whole thing, and perhaps some wires have been crossed or something.


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