Outrageous! How Dare She?

A great “Huzzah” to the Dominican sister who was invited to a Catholic High School in North Carolina to give a presentation on the Church’s teachings on sexual morality. She was assailed by parents and students, who feigned offense (how could they pretend not to know that it’s a Catholic school where Catholic teachings are presented?) that she actually spoke on such matters and clearly presented Church teaching on homosexuality, divorce, and sex outside marriage. Shameful!

Now, her name combined with a variety of hateful invectives is found across social media. She’s being dragged through the digital mud for simply defending Magisterial teaching.

Collective Catholic Skins are going to need to get a lot tougher if we’re going to stay afloat during this culture war. We’re going to need to be there to support each other. There’s a “Courageous Bishops” category on this blog, perhaps a “Courageous Sisters” one is needed.


One thought on “Outrageous! How Dare She?

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