Strategic Alliance of Mythical Creatures Objects to “Use of its Acronym” by “Outside Groups”

Bermuda Triangle – The Association of Leprechauns, Griffins, Boobries, Trolls and Quinotars (LGBTQ) is upset over the fact that in the past years its acronym has been frequently used to identify what it characterizes as “Outside Groups,” and called for an end to such use by these groups.

We only seek to preserve an acronym that we have exclusively used for the past 1,400 years, but we have nothing against the humans who use it to describe their sexual identity or causes for equality,” said Paddy O’Hollerin, spokesleprechaun for the affected group.

IMG_5640“Why should we be forced to change the order of the letters of our association when we have used it for so long? Plus, there are problems with doing that anyway,” said Mr. O’Hollerin, who seemed visibly agitated during the press conference and refused to allow the media to inspect a covered iron cauldron near his lectern. He pointed out that there are already at least two other competing mythical creature groups with the same letters but arranged in different order.

“The last thing we want is further dilution of our public image, or even worse, being lumped in with groups like the organization of Titans, Gnomes, Lamiaks, Basilisks, and Quetzalcoatls” because, he said, “Those guys are out of control.” And, added Mr. O’Hollerin, “The rainbow. Don’t get me started on that. But on the advice of counsel I can’t talk about it until the litigation with God gets resolved.”


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