God Bless the Byproduct of Rainy Springtime

California is in peril secondary to a terrible drought. Water reserves are at extremely low levels. Without a massive influx of precipitation, crops won’t get watered, nevermind lawns and gardens.

Thankfully, we’ve had a good little string of wet weather over the last week or so, and everything is nice and damp.

Amphibians, as they do in the springtime, are taking advantage of this time to breed and taking their leisure in ideal weather conditions. They are out all over our yard most evenings.

My four-year-old son is an enthusiast of the American Toad, the bigger the better. Waaaay better than tv or video games. Between the toads and our hens (more on that in a future post), he’s outside a lot more than his average peer. Today they (briefly) caught a 2-foot garter snake.

Toads, hens, and snakes have their merits, but they are waaaay ickier than tv and video games. Mrs. Q, the doctor (I guess, technically, she’s Dr. Q), goes on about salmonella and hand washing. I quite agree, he needs to wash every time he comes inside.

I just installed, using zip ties*, an old Christmas basket to his bike. Here he is “conveying” and “serenading” two of his “passengers”:

* Zip ties are an awesome invention. Good for everything. You can babyproof a whole house just using zip ties.


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