MEGABREW for Religious Liberty

MEGABREW. MEGABREW. MEGA-BREW! What exactly is a MEGABREW, you ask? Well, I’m making it up as I go along.

Please let me explain.

Quartermaster, Mr. Karl, Fr. A, Deacon P.

Quartermaster, Mr. Karl, Fr. A, Deacon P.

I like to brew beer. I dispense pints, provisions, and orthodox Catholic joy. My brewing operation has been blessed by all sorts of awesome Catholics, both clerics and laypeople.

I have a little tradition for each brew day: asking a saint’s intercession whose feast it is — for my intentions and also for successful brewing and healthy enjoyment of the beer itself. 20130802-140013.jpg

A brew day is a day of Thanksgiving, because it’s an opportunity to spend some time outside, slightly detached from the responsibility for (yet within sight of) the chaos of four young children. It means that there’s no homeschool today, and Mrs. Q is (most likely) home. It means nice weather. A good day.

This week is a big deal for religious liberty here in the United States. On Tuesday, March 25 (the Feast of the Annunciation) the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the HHS Contraceptive Mandate. At stake is the fundamental right to the free exercise of religion. No state can justly compel a citizen to violate his or her deeply held religious convictions.

20140125-164226.jpgAnd, on March 27 President Obama will meet the Holy Father at the Vatican. [UPDATE: read my take on the meeting here]. It would be natural to relish the fantasy of Pope Francis jingling the keys a little bit, and scolding the President for his anti-family, anti-life and anti-Christian policies.

Apart from the delicious vindication, something like that would bolster the image of Pope Francis as the champion we all want him to be. But the prayer we need is not one for a chastened President, but a converted one who will once and for all reject the Culture of Death. The prayer we need is not for a pope who is champion, but shepherd and pastor to another of his Master’s wayward sheep. Temporal power is a mighty tool in the world but a worthless token at the throne of the Most High.

IMG_4660After much rumination as to how I might achieve the twofold objective of both praying for — and brewing — Religious Liberty, I proclaim that the glorious crusade of MEGABREW awaits this fearless alemeister. In other words, yes, it IS happening!

What I have in mind is this: I have equipment which normally allows me to brew 10-gallon batches of beer at a time. I have containers for fermenting up to thirty gallons at one time. So, I plan to brew two 12.5 gallon batches of Religious Liberty Ale in a single day, which will yield 25 gallons — or five 5-gallon kegs.

It will be a long day, but symbolically if each 5-gallon keg of Religious Liberty Ale stands in for one Justice of the Court (for whom we should be praying), then five 5-gallon batches constitutes the necessary voting majority for the Court. I’ll also ask for St. Thomas More’s intercession over the whole project and another patron saint for each 5-gallon keg. So far, I have St. John Fisher and St. Thomas Aquinas. Suggestions are welcomed. IMG_0746


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