Religious Liberty is On The Docket TODAY

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.49.18 AMToday the United States Supreme Court (beginning at 10 a.m. Eastern) will hear oral arguments in the two consolidated ACA HHS Contraception Mandate cases, Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood v. Sebelius. This would be a good occasion to set aside some time for prayer, if possible.

Contrary to the poorly-executed arguments proposed by some (who have their own schismatic, secular, or personal opposition to 2,000 years of Christian Tradition), this is not a corporation vs. individual or the imposition of one employer’s beliefs at the expense of hosts of employees who are purportedly victims of such beliefs. That is, quite simply, absurd. But it is consistent with a political theme that government (as the largest, most powerful and unstoppable of all corporations) is somehow not a corporation that imposes its will on all of society while every other corporation (you know, the ones that actually produce things and earn profits) is an evil enemy of the public.

And, even more egregious is the suggestion that access to taxpayer-funded artificial birth control somehow constitutes a civil right, or by withholding the “taxpayer-funded” element you also entirely withhold the “access” element.

But these things are nuances far too abstract for blind ideology.

Add a twist of irony to it all because “advocates” for such nonsense frequently have absolutely zero “skin in the game” and yet manage to think it appropriate that they should shill for the mandate alongside groups that do have an interest (in profiting from the whole thing) like Planned Parenthood and those who’d rather not have to pay for their own birth control. Such groups and individuals wouldn’t mind if you were forced to become complicit, because, it becomes more difficult for you not to be complicit in the other things that matter a great deal to them.

This isn’t about access or making artificial birth control affordable; birth control is readily accessible and affordable to everyone, including underage minors. Rather, this is about forcing all of society to become complicit in immoral practices that are objectionable to millions of American citizens.

In other words, pray, pray, pray.


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