Praying for Religious Liberty and Planning a MEGABREW

I was thinking a bit about a fitting way to remember that this week our Supreme Court hears oral arguments concerning the ACA HHS Contraceptive Mandate and the need for us all to pray for a just outcome. No state can justly compel a citizen to violate his or her deeply held religious convictions.

So, naturally, with such an auspicious and solemn occasion, the mind naturally finds itself resting upon the brewing of beer. Specifically, a “MEGABREW” of “Religious Liberty Ale” for Religious Liberty.

IMG_0622What exactly is a MEGABREW, you ask? Well, I don’t quite know yet. I just made it up. What I have in mind is this: I have equipment which normally allows me to brew 10-gallon batches of beer. I can also have at least five or six 5-gallon batches (up to thirty gallons) in primary fermentation at one time. So, I plan to brew two 12.5 gallon batches of Religious Liberty Ale in a single day, which will yield 25 gallons of finished beer, using my four 8-gallon primary fermenters.

It will be a long day, but symbolically if each 5-gallon batch of Religious Liberty Ale stands in for one Justice of the Court (for whom we should be praying), then five 5-gallon batches constitutes the necessary voting majority for the Court. I’ll also ask for St. Thomas More’s intercession over the whole project and assign another patron saint to each 5-gallon batch.

Unfortunately, due to my schedule, the earliest day for MEGABREW will be Thursday, and I’m likely to brew on Friday, but I think we’re close enough that all the praying will have purchase.


One thought on “Praying for Religious Liberty and Planning a MEGABREW

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