Yuck and Eww Roundup

Sometimes it’s important to know some of the “bad” news items, but perhaps only so that you can just say a prayer and move on without perseverating about each and every thing, which could go on forever. We’re not supposed to worry, and yet, we’re supposed to be vigilant:

A story exposes that a British pro-pedophilia group lobbied, and may have even successfully achieved the adoption by the British government (or at least certain of its officials) of the view that “children were not harmed by having sex with adults“. This goes into the “marriage redefinition and lowering age of consent” connection file. 

A “feminist studies” professor whose area of “study” is pornography (among other things), at the University of California Santa Barbara faces assault charges after she intimidates, threatens, harasses and attacks two sisters (ages 16 and 21) because they display pro-life materials at the campus “free speech zone”. This professor is now apparently claiming she had a “moral right” to do what she did.

It’s beginning (or rather, it began last August): gay couple in Britain are first to sue the Church of England for refusing to perform a same-sex wedding. One of the “husbands” says “It upsets me because I want it so much – a big lavish ceremony, the whole works.” I’m upset too because McDonald’s won’t sell me a Whopper. Perhaps I should sue. After all, I have a right to buy a Whopper.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 5.28.28 PM

Yuck and Eww

Want to show that you really, really, really, LOVE abortion? Donate to the DC Abortion Fund and get your own “coat hanger pendant”. No, I am not linking there. If you want to confirm what I’m saying is true, google it yourself. I mean, really? Nothing says I’m a horrible, narcissistic person like joke jewelry to poke fun at the gruesome death and torture of innocents.

How is a crucifix so different from this, you ask? Despite the fact that crucifixion was a gruesome and brutal way to die, so much so that symbolizing it earned the gasps and askance glances of many for several centuries, as a Christian symbol it announces Christ’s triumph over death, and consequently our own. Whereas a coat hanger pendant glorifies the death of innocents as a good in its own right — it is a proclamation of the primacy of self, as above even the right to life of others. Therefore, by comparison it’s only like a crucifix that’s been inverted.

In my view, the number of these “yuck and eww” stories are increasing. In fact, they are beyond count. The degree of violence, anger, and demonstrated hatred in connection with them also seems to be on the rise. If demonic forces are at work, we must pray for God’s protection and mercy, for ourselves and anyone under such influences.


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