That “Good News” Story about North Korea releasing Christian missionary? Not so much good news after all

There were a few suggestions that the story of North Korea releasing a 75-year-old Christian missionary from Australia following a 13-day detention was in fact a hopeful sign of increased tolerance of religion in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It now appears that the move was purely to appease the international community and avoid an uproar over the treatment of an Australian national. While not apparently (directly) related, the latest news from the Christian Post is that the North Korean supreme leader, Kim Jong Un, has ordered the execution of “33 people for converting to Christianity and receiving money from a South Korean Baptist missionary to start 500 underground churches.” The harsh treatment of citizens of the North continues.

The oppression in North Korea will end. It has to. It’s based upon controlling information about the outside. Eventually, it will become impossible for the regime to prevent the influx of information, and perhaps that train of falling dominoes has already begun. But it doesn’t mean that there won’t be many martyrs before it’s over. What would happen if 10,000 — or 100,000 — unarmed South Koreans crossed the border en masse, carrying food, water, and medicines? Assume the North ordered the soldiers stationed at the border to fire, would they?

Please pray for the people of North Korea.


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