Prayers for His Eminence, Francis Cardinal George…..

cardinalgeorge_crest…New rounds of medical tests indicate that his renal cancer is no longer in remission, and he writes in his column for the newspaper of the Chicago Archdiocese that he will undergo another “…regimen of chemotherapy, with drugs more aggressive than those that were used in the first round of chemo.” He states that treatment is to prolong his life, but that the cancer will most likely be the ultimate cause of his death.

The Cardinal is now past the statutory age for retirement, having submitted his resignation to Benedict XVI two years ago. He awaits word from Pope Francis regarding the appointment of a new archbishop to succeed him, but says that the formal process involving the Papal Nuncio has not yet started. So Cardinal George is likely to remain in place for the time being, which means that he’ll be in treatment for cancer while simultaneously leading one of the most diverse and dynamic dioceses in the country.

Please pray for Cardinal George. I’ve met him several times; he received me and my wife into the Church in 2000; he is a holy and courageous bishop of the Church.


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