The Final Count was Nine Priests…

Thank you, thank you, for your prayers! It was not the 11 that I expected for dinner on Monday night, but nine. All in all though, I think it turned out well.

IMG_5560There was, as there nearly always is, the ubiquitous homebrew — this time “Quisquiliae” and “Quartermaster” — both of which received some nice compliments. We also served a red wine from New Clairvaux. Then, some of these priests having studied or spent time in Rome, we started off with pasta — Carbonara and Amatriciana (one priest told me that it was possibly the best pasta he’d ever had in the United States; I beamed in gratitude) — followed by a simple green salad with pecorino, olive oil and balsamic — then it was roasted chicken with lemon, and grilled sausages, and green beans sautéed with garlic. Finally, dark roast from the San Lucas Mission in Guatemala and homemade limoncello (made by my uncle with his homegrown Meyer lemons).

We already received a nice “thank you” card: “Thank you for the delicious dinner, beer!, wine and the wonderful, cozy setting. May God bless you for your generosity and friendliness.”

It was a privilege, Fathers.


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