Fixing the Great Society one Baby at a Time

I guess one giant mouth to feed is better than a whole lot of little ones — especially if the mouth is Moloch’s.

Rhetorical claims regarding “welfare moms” who “have more babies” so they can “collect more welfare” are nothing compared to corporate welfare recipient Planned Parenthood. Rather than proposing a principled approach to reducing poverty that does not also violate human dignity, this week President Obama sent his proposed budget to Congress, which includes over $286 million in taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood, in addition to the $170 million that the corporation of death made performing abortions in the last reported year (a good portion of which also came from poor people on some form of government assistance).

It’s a perverse twist on the conventional welfare model; rather than “more babies = more welfare”, it’s “kill babies = more welfare”. 


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