Utter Stupidity: “But the Belgians are Doing It!”

Don’t forget: sin is stupid. It upsets not only the spiritual health of our souls, but plagues the intellect as well. As soon as we admit to ideas that support sin, we admit to things which are not reasonable, and we voluntarily reduce our own capacity to make sense of other moral problems.

In case you missed it, Belgium recently expanded its legalization of euthanasia by extending the “franchise” to children who are terminally ill. After just 12 years of legalized suicide for adults, the Belgian Parliament voted 86 to 44 (with 12 abstentions), to permit doctors to assist terminally ill children who will die “within a brief period”. Parents must consent, but that hardly seems an issue since 75 percent of Belgians purportedly supported the expansion to kids.

Okay, so to recap, a small western European nation on the progressive march toward Hell is nothing new, but you’d hope there’d be widespread condemnation of this evil. Instead, at least one major American newspaper permits an editorial supporting the move, and suggesting that we follow the Belgians’ example. 

Scott Martelle, writing for the LA Times, says that Belgium is on the “right, groundbreaking track” with this new law. He says that on first glance, the concept would “make most of us gasp,” and is something that appears “morally and ethically unsound — until you dive into the issue.”

Martelle effectively cloaks himself in false enlightenment by suggesting that you must “dive into the issue” to really understand and support the Belgian position, but he fails to ever raise even one substantive point that demonstrates that his claimed understanding exceeds that of anyone else. He’s simply telling us that it’s a deep issue — perhaps too deep for most of us — but that we should trust him when he tells us it’s a good thing, if we can’t possibly understand.

He also says that the Los Angeles Times has “gone on record supporting the right of terminally ill patients to end their lives on their own terms” and he now apparently extends this position to children, in “tightly controlled circumstances and with legal protections,” whatever that means (likely euphemism for… something).

Martelle is essentially saying, never mind that for years we’ve known that patients have been “legally” euthanized in Belgium by nurses without proper consent, and never mind that we’re now talking about killing children who may well lack the capacity to ever decide to die. The smart people can make these decisions, and have no ulterior motives at all. Trust them.


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