Tolerance Only for Those who Demand It

In the past, I’ve suggested that Canada is a decade or so ahead of the U.S. in terms of its “progressive culture” or conscience, and that Canada is a decade or so behind western Europe.  

This week comes a story from about a Toronto school board trustee who had the temerity to question how the city’s gay “Pride” parade could be considered “age-appropriate” in light of public nudity on display at the event.

Let’s be clear; this fellow actually supports the event. He said that as trustee, “…he has no problem with the board promoting the Pride parade. He agrees with the ‘very nature of the parade,'” saying that the board even has a float in the parade, which is “part of our social justice piece.”

“We produce posters, send them out to schools, we send out flyers as well promoting the event as ‘family friendly,’” he said. But, he argues that people parading naked “raises the question of age appropriateness.”

Someone who does not oppose the Pride Parade but only asks the question about kids and public nudity is branded a “homophobic a**hole” and an “outrageous bigot”. Because it’s bigotry to shield innocent children from nudity and public sexual expression.

The only thing that won’t be tolerated is your disapproval. On the other hand, “ass-less leather chaps” are totally fine all the time for all ages.


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