Humanity is Awesome…

Explorers. Each age expounds upon the last. From Garden to region to country to continent, to across oceans and beneath them, to the poles and the peaks, to the sky into space and the moon, and beyond.

Humanity built something and sent it safely to another planet in this solar system, and it has taken a picture of Earth and its moon and transmitted the image 100 million miles back to us. Pursuant to Intersolar Adverse Possession, the presence of our Mars Rover coupled with no known possible competing claim means that Mars is in the human planetary collection.

It’s weird that we actually already claim the entire solar system, including Pluto regardless of whether it’s in or out of the solar system, or a planet or not. We even consider the sun “our star.” And yet, not one of our kind has set foot on any of these places, or even sent something to any of them. Sure, we’ve sent a few V’gers and the like whizzing past, and set foot on the moon — which is basically like the doghouse in our backyard — but our claim to the other bodies in the solar system is pretty much the same as believing you own every house on your street simply because you live in one of them, kicked a ball over the fence one time, and drive past the others.

Except (thanks to the rover missions) for Mars.

And next to Jupiter, Mars is the coolest planet after Earth.


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