Able to Drink Tall Beers in a Single Gulp…

Ratzinger-AleAll this talk about Pope Francis and his little graffiti thing makes me want to point out that superhero though he might be, there remains another living superhero whose superpowers are equally valuable, enviable, and worthy of high regard.

Is it possible to draw comparisons? Sure. Beer is better than Yerba Mate. Beer is to Popeye’s spinach as Yerba Mate is to that time when Superman stupidly gave up his superpowers to be with Lois Lane and ended up getting beaten up at a chilly diner somewhere up north and then had to go back and beg Marlon Brando to give him his superpowers back. He managed to get his superpowers back, but not before a lot of bad stuff went down. Moral of the story: stick to beer. It’s strong to the finish. And way more infallible.


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