Very Tricksy: I’m a Cafeteria Catholic because “Jesus was a Cafeteria Jew”

The Quartermaster actually chuckled.

In the “I’m a Catholic, but……..” line of dissent which is ever too popular these days, over at HuffPo we’re treated to some warped hand-wringing over the “standard list” of things (female ordination, same-sex marriage, communion for the divorced, and birth control as sacrament) that a self-described “Cafeteria Catholic” thinks the Church should change. And we should agree with her, because she’s read Summa, for fun. 

Someone ought to let her know that it’s not Summa This, Summa That. 

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

But seriously, it doesn’t matter what we’ve read or where we’ve gone to school, or whether sister was really open-minded or smacked the back of our hands with a ruler.

What matters is our faith, and faith isn’t something we obtain by reading or pretending to be erudite. In fact, it is a great mystery that a great dullard (a certain “ox” comes to mind) or even a total illiterate can be very holy. Why? Because faith is a gift, given by God to those who ask for it.

Faith does not belong to those who say on the one hand “I’m very open-minded and I learned from a bunch of other open-minded people” but on the other they say “I reject” or “I find it impossible” what the Church teaches…..

A Cafeteria Catholic is someone who simply lacks faith.

And therefore, Jesus was no Cafeteria Jew, because he never lacked faith.


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