Report on WC WFL 2014: the Culture of Death Begins to Crumble

The clouds parted last week for the marchers at the 2014 West Cost Walk for Life, and I might as well put the takeaway at the very beginning: we are winning, in spite of the fact that the Culture of Death seems to be holding all the cards!

How is this possible? The Culture of Death has the mainstream media, whose journalistic integrity does not extend to covering the massive crowds that gathered across the nation seeking an end to abortion.

In fact, news about a single baby panda is, in the estimation of the MSM, at least six times more newsworthy than hundreds of thousands of people who turn out at nationwide events to protest the diabolical killing of 55 million unborn children since Roe v. Wade. It’s the same confused distraction that explains why pictures of wet cats get a million “likes” on Facebook.

20140125-134412.jpgThe Culture of Death frequently succeeds in convincing pro-lifers that we are a small and irrelevant minority that is incapable of changing the status quo, when in fact we are (in the worst case) a full half of the American population, and perhaps even the majorityDon’t rely on the major networks to tell you this either.

In San Francisco, because some angry libtard denizens of the city objected to the  promotional Walk for Life banners along Market Street, carrying the statement that “Abortion hurts women”, city supervisors and other idiots attempted to claim that the banners constituted false and misleading information about “reproductive health”, nevermind that “reproductive health” is, in itself, a false and misleading euphemism for something that is neither reproductive, nor healthy, since the aim of abortion is to intentionally end the life of an unborn member of the human species and also poses serious psychological, social, and physical health consequences and risks for women.20140125-121532.jpg

But what matters most to pro-choicers is that they do not like being reminded about abortion at all. They don’t even like saying the word abortion. “Reproductive health” sounds so much more wholesome, and yet totally meaningless.

The Culture of Death has the President of the United States in its back pocket, who, on the 41st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, releases a prevarication-laden statement, which strains the credulity of all but the most devoted of worshippers at the altar of Moloch, including as a summation the statement that “this is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams,” just nevermind the 56 million unborn children whose freedom, opportunities, and dreams don’t count or matter, because their rights don’t matter. Other lesser “public servants” abound as well, like the governor of New York, who would like to expel all the pro-lifers from that state.

The Culture of the Death has the law on its side, in the form of Roe v. WadeDoe v. Bolton and their ghastly mutant progeny, beating a drum that rhythmically repeats the same tired beat that since abortion is legal, it must also be moral. Again, please disregard the scientific developments in the fields of genetics, embryology and human development over the past forty years which have disproven the erroneous presumptions that formed the basis for precedent. Please don’t look behind that curtain, and never speak of it.

The Culture of Death pretends (and gains great support in its artifice) that abortion is a great equalizer, a source of freedom and autonomy, a bridge to better futures and happier families, and yet each and every one of these claims is a lie. Entire ethnic groups are now being decimated by abortion. For example, in New York, the abortion capital of the United States where pro-lifers are just as unwanted as unplanned pregnancies, more than half of all African American babies are aborted.

20140125-164226.jpgIn fact, the relative numbers of certain minorities continue to diminish over time, which was one of the chief aims of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, who was interested more in eugenics and reducing undesirables than liberating women. Meanwhile, the family social structure within groups most affected by abortion continues to degrade, as fewer and fewer children are born into stable, committed two-parent families. Men have quickly learned to appreciate the accountability- and consequence-free existence that abortion offers.

All of these things, and more, exist to convince us that further resistance to abortion as the prevailing sacrament of secular culture will not succeed. We should just give up. We should just stop talking about it. We should just ignore it like everyone else and let people (those of us who survive) live their life.

20140125-111804.jpgIn spite of these things, the Culture of Death is very afraid, because in spite of these things, we are winning!

We are winning because while Roe v. Wade opened up an ideawhich led to a ghastly experiment, the Pro-Life generation is the victim of that experiment, and young people cannot be deceived in how they find the world today.

Today’s young people cannot be deceived by a culture that encourages study and scientific understanding, but denies the proofs for human life beginning at the moment of conception, as verified by scientific study. They cannot reconcile an ethic that places personal convenience over human dignity. They cannot tolerate a culture that sees abortion not as an endpoint, but as a foundation upon which to build other hideous practices, such as euthanasia, human trafficking, human experimentation, and so on.

The victims who survived the experiment wish to report the results of this monstrous study to the world: abortion is murder and it must end. And the aging members of the Me Generation who thought they were changing the world, but really just making excuses for their own selfish aims, can now sit at home watching that hairy bearded painter on PBS and lamenting the lack of funding for NPR, all while wondering why all their “hard work” in “civil rights” isn’t appreciated by the next generation.

It isn’t appreciated because you’re selfish jerks, and you don’t care about anyone but yourselves. And that isn’t cool.

20140125-164213.jpgWC Walk for Life was flippin’ unbelievably awesome, because it was a presentation of the human evidence that is the lie of abortion. Lines of brave women carrying signs giving testimony: “I regret my abortion.” A young couple holding their baby aloft in one set of arms, and holding up their homemade sign in the other: “Our baby survived his abortion appointment”. Pro-lifers identifying themselves as Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Protestant, and Secular (!) walking together in support of the same cause.

If Walk for Life were not about abortion, it would have been widely reported by media outlets, due to the sheer number of the gathering — in excess of 50,000 people, possibly up to 70,000 or so — who gathered peacefully (no incidents!), who placed their trash in garbage receptacles, and who did not trouble or harass law enforcement.

We are winning. Each year, the numbers who show up for a pro-choice counter-demonstration continues to dwindle. It’s getting more difficult for gray-hairs to get out of the house apparently. Last year, there were a few hundred pro-choicers. This year, maybe (and I mean a very weakimplausible, and nearly impossible type of maybe) one hundred pro-choicers showed up.

The S.F. Chronicle initially reported a gathering of a “small group” of pro-abortion demonstrators; it later amended with the unsubstantiated restatement that “both sides of the abortion debate were out in force“, that “hundreds of [pro-abortion] activists” (taking great liberty with the actual numbers) “countered loudly” the pro-lifers. Meh, I guess so, if you can say that being “out in force” constitutes a ratio of 1000:1.

The Chronicle did get one thing right: the dozens of pro-abortion demonstrators were loud, and by this I mean angry. They hurled epithets and shouted things like “I hate you!” and “Go home!” and “Get out of our city!”. Or they held up angry signs like “Proud fetus slayer” or “Abortion on demand and without apology”. Why are you so angry? What happened to abortion being the key to happiness? Perhaps you are upset that pride and selfishness led you astray, and now there is blood on your hands.

To the tall bearded fellow standing alone and apart from the other counter-demonstrators, holding his own cardboard sign reading, “What if you were raped? Would you still be anti-abortion?”, I have my own questions for you: What if your mother were raped? Would you have wanted her to abort you?

There is a way back from here, and while the fight will continue for some time, it does so with the undeniable fact — seen more clearly thanks to events like Walk for Life — that we are gaining ground, and we will ultimately win. The Culture of Death has the media, the secular culture, entertainment, and political might, whereas we have God, and the Truth. It’s just a matter of time before His will be done.

God is good! All the time!



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