“Huzzah” to Drudge for *Not* Ignoring this Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Regardless of his motives or his politics, pro-lifers should appreciate the willingness to face the issue, unlike the rest of the MSM. For much of the day today, this was what you saw on Drudge Report:


The link directs to an article on LifeNews.com by 27-year-old Kristan Hawkins, who writes that hers in the generation that is determined to end abortion, which has “…seen the ultrasounds of our siblings, googled “abortion” and seen the bloody images, and sat with a friend as she cried about her abortion. This youth generation is the most pro-life generation of young people since 1973; we’re even more pro-life than even our parents’ generation. And this week our presence will be known as this generation will be the predominant participants in Wednesday’s March for Life in Washington, D.C. and pro-life rallies across the nation.”


One thought on ““Huzzah” to Drudge for *Not* Ignoring this Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

  1. Drudge is pretty conservative and definitely pro life. He used to have a show on Fox News and left rather suddenly. He walked out when the network wouldn’t let him use that picture of the unborn baby reaching out of the womb to grasp the surgeon’s finger – I heard they were afraid he was going to use that in an argument against partial birth abortion (I think he was going to do just that).

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