Surprise! Republicans Lie TOO!

ChristieWow, who’d have thunk it? A Republican using political power to defeat, irritate or thwart political opponents is pretty much the same thing as a Democrat using political power to defeat, irritate or thwart political opponents. Liars lie. And, just for the record, lying is a sin and sin is stupid, so by the forces of syllogism liars are stupid.

Exhibit A: A 107-minute news conference in which a politician strives to preserve his Presidential aspirations by pretending to be ignorant of the actions of his water-carriers, while the unsympathetic and ideologically-opposed news media smells blood in the water and takes the opportunity to down the biggest apparent threat to getting another Clinton in the White House.

And it’s pretty funny when guys like Limbaugh make comparisons, asking why there wasn’t a two-hour press conference for Benghazi, or the IRS Tea Party Scandal, or the “If you like your plan, you can keep it” Scandal, or the NSA Scandal. That’s just sour grapes and lamentation over the fact that while the President is stupid enough to lie, he’s not stupid enough to lie about lying (when he might get called out on it by the media).

We have a Ruling Class. You’re either in it, or you’re not. If you don’t have at least a million dollars, you’re probably not in it. The two-party system is illusory.


One thought on “Surprise! Republicans Lie TOO!

  1. You couldn’t have said it any better,liars lie and it doesn’t matter which “party” they’re in. If your aspiration is politics you’d better be a bona fide liar or else you’re not going very far. There’s no place for honesty in politics. Thank you senior el maelstrom del baroque…

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