Buon Natale! Some Roman Nativity Scenes…

Nearly every church in Rome has a Nativity. Most are incredible marvels. Little lights in every village window and stars in a field and some even have animation. Walt Disney could’ve hired as “Imagineers” some of the craftspeople who build these things. Some favorites from last year (2012):


This one was definitely one of the most intricate:IMG_0018

This isn’t a Nativity, but something else really cool (I’ll have to check my notes/pictures to see if I have the correct info, but I think it’s a model depicting the various rites and cultural aspects of the Church, thus all the little spires and towers and things surrounding the massive dome in the center):IMG_0016

One of the more charming things about the Nativity scenes is that some are shown in the context of the local scenery, like this one with a basilica in the background:IMG_0014


This was the Nativity in the Piazza Navona (it’s fun to look at the little plaques and signs showing what group or church committee is responsible for the display):IMG_0012

Part of the Nativity inside St. Peter’s Basilica:

The Nativity outside, in St. Peter’s Square:IMG_0002



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