3-in-1 Christmas Gift Idea: Buy Coffee, Help a Catholic Mission, and Provide a Just Wage

AgricultureJuan Ana Coffee is one of the projects connected to the San Lucas Tolimán Mission at Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. Started by Fr. Greg Shaffer nearly 25 years ago with 6 families, it has grown to provide a constant wage for more than 650 families. The Juan Ana Coffee project does not qualify as “Fair Trade Coffee” — commonly understood as the right coffee to buy — because it actually pays the farmers and workers involved in coffee production more than Fair Trade guidelines allow.

DSCN0144-2All money is returned to the Coffee Project which allows for the continuing support of the farmers and their families. The coffee is grown at high elevation, 5,000+ feet in rich volcanic ash soil under shade canopies. All milling, drying, storage, roasting and packing are done locally by the people of Guatemala.

The coffee is really good. No fancy flavorings or additives, just rich coffee flavor. Products include whole bean regular and dark roast (we prefer the dark roast), and ground regular roast. The dark roast can also be used to make espresso (which is the way I use most often). Coffee is individually vacuum-sealed inside a cloth bag. Coffee costs $9 per pound, plus shipping (buy a lot at one time to reduce the cost of shipping).

Go to www.sanlucasmission.org/coffee and click ‘order a bag’!


3 thoughts on “3-in-1 Christmas Gift Idea: Buy Coffee, Help a Catholic Mission, and Provide a Just Wage

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