Giving Thanks for Adoring God

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Two days until Thanksgiving, and it looks as though the day will be quite a bit different than expected, compared to previous years. Yet, I am looking forward to it.

A few weeks ago, I posted about a recent EWTN interview of then-Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis. I can’t stop thinking about how in that interview, toward the end (the last three minutes), he talks about prayer:

“How do you pray? … Only asking and giving thanks? ….. Do you praise God? Do you praise God because He is so great, as we do in the Mass, in the Sanctus of the Mass? But do you do that in your heart, when you are in His presence? I ask another question, do you adore God? Are you stopped before this great God and adore Him because he is the only God? To strengthen your faith, besides being a beggar, because we have to be very mendicant. The Catholic should be a beggar. Your prayers should praise and worship God.”

I’ve been going through a personal family issue. I don’t see it getting better soon. The words in Matthew 10:35 apply to our situation. Your prayers for this intention would be most gratefully appreciated. Can’t get into the particulars here, but I can say that I’ve been sorrowful about it.

Because of my sorrow, I’ve been tempted to devote all of my prayer time to simply asking God to repair this situation. I feel a bit like the child who goes to a parent with the latest request: “Dad, thanks for everything, now can you listen to me as I pour my heart out, can you comfort me, guide me, keep me sane, make me happy, and fix this problem for me?”

I love how easily my heart accepts what Francis says, because some of it is difficult for those of us who struggle with detachment. I think he makes it appear more possible to follow, because he displays evidence of having the joyful relationship we truly want, if we could just get out of our own way. Reflecting on his “question” (Do you adore God?) has led me to resist the inclination to pour myself out all the time without adoring and giving praise to God.

At mass, I place myself at the foot of the Cross, and I ask God to help me see the Mystery. I think about how great God is. In trying to devote myself to adoring and praising God, I am filled with joy.

There is no reason to wait to praise and adore God. We mustn’t hold our praise ransom for answered prayers. He gives us all that we have! He receives our prayers and blesses us all abundantly. We do not see all that He does for us!

Give thanks, adore and praise Him!


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