Brace for Impact! ACLU vs. the Church! Spoiler Alert: Church Will Win!

ACLU Takes On Catholic Hospital’s Abortion Policy.

According to the article, a Catholic hospital in Colorado “forbids employees to discuss abortion, even in cases of medical emergency.” [Good for this hospital, BTW].

A cardiologist at said hospital evaluated a woman who was 8 weeks along in her pregnancy because of family history for Marfan Syndrome. Doctor tells patient that abortion would be the “standard of care” in the “worst-case scenario”.

“The patient wound up being healthy and successfully carried her baby to term.”

The patient — understanding that she was supposedly receiving medical care at a Catholic facility — was upset that the cardiologist mentioned the possibility of abortion, and complained to hospital staff.

The ACLU, sniffing an opportunity to contribute to continuing efforts aimed at dismantling constitutionally-guaranteed First Amendment protections in favor of a totally manufactured (by judicial fiat) “right of privacy” — long-established euphemism for “right to abortion”, which is now being further enshrined at law in the form of ObamaCare subsidies and forced violations of conscience — launches its first salvo against the Catholic hospital, alleging that the policy violates Colorado state and federal law.

“Pretty soon, people may find that the only hospitals in their area are Catholic. And, regardless of their own religious beliefs, they will be unable to get the care they need,” Kelli Garcia of the National Women’s Law Center tells Mother Jones. “It is going to be a real wake-up call.”

Ahem. Don’t forget that an “unjust law is no law at all”, but let’s think this one through, since the ACLU is so concerned about “laws” being violated.

If I look up the cited statutes, do the penalties include “…fines up to $100,000 per violation, suspension of medical licensure, up to 30 days incarceration, and upon death, confinement in the fiery bowels of Hell where the violator will suffer torment at the hands, feet, pincers and claws of Beezlebub, Lord of the Damned, for all eternity”?

What’s that? Ridiculous? The government doesn’t send souls to Hell, you say? Only God does that?

Yeah. Pretty sure the Church is going to follow God’s law, since there’s more at stake than maintaining hospital accreditation.

The Catholic Church invented modern medicine and the scientific method. It started the first hospitals, long before the advent of socialized medicine, death panels, and the contraceptive mandate.

Care for the sick and dying is a corporal work of mercy. The Church establishes hospitals to carry out this important work of healing and compassion. The Catholic Church does not operate hospitals to facilitate the killing of innocent babies.

Abortion is not health care. Saying that abortion is “care” that patients “need” is the same thing as saying “I need to kill an innocent individual of the human species.” 

Abortion is evil. Evil is stupid.


One thought on “Brace for Impact! ACLU vs. the Church! Spoiler Alert: Church Will Win!

  1. If the tables were turned, the ACLU would be saying the doctor shouldn’t force his ethical views on the patient. This case hits so close to home, yet experience shows how useless it is to argue with the brainwashed, at best, and demonically possessed, at worst, pro-aborts on this. So a woman who *wants* to not have to give her money to a “doctor” who would treat her child as a “blog of tissue” to be eliminated for convenience doesn’t have that freedom? It’s so sad.
    In other news, when I saw you created a tag for “Marfan syndrome,” I was hoping to have found another faithful Catholic in the Marfan community. Even finding other Marfs who are pro-life is hard enough. I have read some powerful testimonies of women who’ve chosen life, either at the cost of martyrdom or with “beat the odds” stories (e.g., the first successful valve-sparing aortic root replacement on a Marfan was on a Catholic woman who didn’t want to hurt her chances of having kids by using a transplant valve or an artificial one, and she reportedly went on to have something like 8 kids, and was doing relatively fine, last I heard).

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