U.S. Bishops Vow to Continue to Fight HHS Contraceptive Mandate — BECAUSE of Pope Francis!

We’ll see how the “liberal Catholics” and mainstream media spin this (from Whispers in the Loggia, a truly great Catholic blog, all-time top 5):

Pope Francis has reminded us that “In the context of society, there is only one thing which the Church quite clearly demands: the freedom to proclaim the Gospel in its entirety, even when it runs counter to the world, even when it goes against the tide.” ………… As the government’s implementation of the mandate against us approaches, we bishops stand united in our resolve to resist this heavy burden and protect our religious freedom.

The U.S. Bishops just elected new national leadership. Some predicted a softening on the mandate after Cardinal Dolan left the prominent spot. Nope. The mandate requires the Church and individual Catholics to violate their consciences by requiring the funding of and participation in something gravely immoral.


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