Minecraft = “Digital Legos”

Both of my two oldest sons build a ton of things out of Legos, and right now they love a computer game called Minecraft, because it allows them to build in a computer environment the types of things they’d build with Legos in real life, if they had an unlimited supply of bricks. Minecraft isn’t so much a game as a digital world where the “player” can “build” anything they can imagine. We’ve even done school projects — like making models of famous Roman basilicas — in Minecraft.

My oldest son has been wanting to make a contribution to this blog ever since my seven-year-old was a “guest blogger” a few weeks ago. He designed a “modern” mansion on top of a mountain in Minecraft, and provided the following as a submission to this blog:


Front view

This Modern Mountain House is a six story mansion with a bar, a hot tub, a TV, chairs and couches, two secret rooms, a storage room, a kitchen, a furnace room, and a bedroom. It also has three places to look at the scenery that completely covers the ground around the mansion. There are three levels: the blue level, the red level, and the green level; each containing two stories. Also, there are two special tunnels, one of them leading to one of the two secret rooms (the green one); the blue one leads to the scenery spots. Both are enterable from the bottom floor. This is all there is to know about my mansion. Thank You!


Back view


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