I Keep Saying We’re in the Age of Euphemism

So now we know what President Obama knew in 2010, or before: despite repeated promises (remember the 2012 presidential debates?) that if you liked your current health care plan, or if you liked your current doctor, you wouldn’t be forced to change anything, we now know that this was a lie.

1.5 million cancellation notices for private health insurance policies have already been issued to Americans, due to the Affordable Care Act. The Obama Administration knew that this would happen, but persisted in lying to the public about the effects of the Act.

Now we have a Democratic Senator telling us how stupid we are: those aren’t “cancellation notices” — they’re “transitions into Obamacare”.

I guess that since “cancellations” are actually “transitions”, the next thing we’ll be told is that the widespread premium hikes, some well over 100% increases in premium without increases to coverage (or, in some cases, a reduction in coverage), aren’t hikes at all, but rather “healthcare cost offset contributions” or some other such nonsense. Maybe they can stick the word “patriotic” somewhere in the euphemism. That’ll make everyone shut up.


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