Day 34 of 40 Days for Life

Visit their website and find out how you can still support this amazing organization this time around, either with your prayer, a visit to pray in vigil in front of an abortion clinic near you, or by making a monetary donation.

The most recent update says that 371 babies and mothers are known to have been spared from abortion during this last 40 Days. That’s amazing. It’s the work of the Holy Spirit.

In our neck of the woods, we visited the clinic nearest our home to pray yesterday afternoon. Piled all four kids in the car for our one measly hour, and I feel pretty guilty because I was frazzled by the end of it. We’ve got the 8-month-old who is already quite mobile (and noisy) and the 3-year-old who is incredibly squirmy and touches everything. He managed to break his rosary about five minutes in. The two older boys were mostly good, except that the middle one (7-year-old) likes to try to boss around the 3-year-old.

Anyway, between watching the clinic (for some reason, I find it difficult to see people going in and coming out of there) juxtaposed with all the family action going on while we were supposed to be praying (we weren’t trying for the tent revival praying with people running around and things happening everywhere; we were aiming for quiet, earnest, good Catholic praying, with angelic children clasping their rosaries) I wonder if God managed to strain any good out of it. At least my wife was wonderfully composed.

Anyway, we’re always inadequate on our own, which means that we must still do what we can. Only God makes what we offer worthy.


One thought on “Day 34 of 40 Days for Life

  1. good for you all for going out to the clinic. do the boys understand what was going on? i am hesitant to tell my kids (oldest 8) about it although she asks often. anyways, i can relate to what you said about wondering if any good is being done – there are some Sundays at Mass where i spend so much time in the bathroom, between diaper changes and little ones needing to go at the wrong time, that i just hope it still “counts”! 🙂

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