Voter Appreciation Day is Tomorrow!


I announced it here; send me an e-mail, introduce yourself, and I’ll write back with my address and directions to mi casa. Stop by tomorrow, Saturday, October 26 anytime from noon to six, and have a free pint of my homebrew, to thank you for voting for me to go to Sierra Nevada Beer Camp.

I finished at position #15 for popular votes. Top 10 automatically go to Beer Camp, but with the shenanigans surrounding the extension of the contest to October 15, it’s not exactly clear when you had to be in the Top 10 in order to go to Beer Camp. Hopefully Sierra Nevada will straighten all of that out in a fair way, and I’ll be able to report whether I earned enough votes among the fine employees of Sierra Nevada to be invited to attend Beer Camp in December. Whatever happens, it was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who voted.

In honor of the occasion of Voter Appreciation Day, I brewed the other night, but that beer won’t be ready in time. It was important for V.A.D., though, because I also did some “beer maintenance” amidst the brewing: I kegged two fresh batches of beer — Religious Liberty Ale (an American pale brewed and dry-hopped exclusively with Cascades) and “Cluster Fuggle”, which is similar in style to an English Brown Ale and brewed with Cluster and Fuggle hops (what did you think the name meant?).

We’ve also got several gallons of St. Arnold of Metz, so it should be a good day with some good beer.

One final note: I didn’t want to make Voter Appreciation Day some kind of social obligation for anyone; it’s intended as a “thank you”, so if you like to socialize, you can do that. Or you can just quietly enjoy a beer. No pressure. Imagine that for one day, our backyard is a little pub. You can come, sit down, be served a pint with your friend or significant other, and head out to enjoy the rest of your Saturday, or you can stay for a while, strike up a conversation with someone and see what happens. There will be old friends, and possibly new friends! It’s up to you.

It should be a fun day! Hope to see you there.


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