Friday, October 18: Report on Day 1 in Rome


Friday night: arrived in room, got settled in the Domus, had a wonderful dinner, and took a walk

Okay, I’m gonna say it just one time that traveling with an infant is hard. Yes, we asked for it. No, I’m not complaining. No, it was not the worst travel experience. She was actually very good. There was a little bed for her in front of our seats on the plane, which she barely used, preferring to sprawl out over my wife and me. The bed ended up being a good repository for holding things while she was on one of us.

The baby was reliably good throughout our time there in her stroller, or when my wife used the baby carrier for Mass at St. Peter’s. She even slept okay in our room at the domus and was fairly patient at restaurants.

The one great benefit of taking her was that Italians positively love babies, and she is a beautiful baby indeed. She was welcomed everywhere. I cannot recall one glance of disapproval from anyone. And I was thankful that the churches in Rome lack cry rooms!

And yes, you get a little screwed up with the time. You lose nearly twelve hours going, and then the day you travel back, the day takes over 36 hours. But nothing about that constituted a deterrent for doing the same trip again, at least for me.

Taglioni with wild porcini mushrooms

Taglioni with wild porcini mushrooms

Grilled sea bass

Grilled sea bass


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