Day 20 of 40 Days for Life

I received an e-mail this week from the local 40 Days for Life team with a “Day 20” update. They are aware of 213 babies — and mothers — who have been saved so far. You can read about it here.

During 40 Days, peaceful vigils occur outside abortion clinics all over the country. People sign up to pray outside the clinics, but generally do not hold signs or try to confront anyone going in or out.

Sometimes all it takes is one prayer warrior standing outside and quietly bearing witness to the sanctity of unborn life that convinces a mother not to go through with it or a records clerk to resign.

My wife and I have taken our kids to sit on the bench across the street from the “local” Planned Parenthood to pray. It can be a very focused, and powerful type of prayer. As you sit with your rosary, your prayers have a direction. You are asking God to bring about a conversion of heart for these people, here, at this moment, so that they might simply set everything down and walk away.

This is a good entire Catholic family thing to do. Babies and up. My amazing wife took all four of the kids last time, because I was working. I still feel bad about missing it.


One thought on “Day 20 of 40 Days for Life

  1. “..that convinces a mother not to go through with it …” I wonder if there is any similar movement that can convince the FATHER not to abort his unborn child through “abandonment ” – if the father does not support his unborn child with food, medical / emotional care, the child dies .

    And that is cold abortion by the father……

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