Beer: Frozen Glass – Cardinal Sin?

I received an e-mail from with a link to the following article: 5 Cardinal Sins of Craft Beer Service. According to the article, the fourth “Cardinal Sin” of craft beer service is Frozen Glassware:

Sure a frozen glass is seen as a fun ritual by some, but a ritual of the past does not mean it should carry on into the future. Think about it this way: Would a restaurant allow their chef to serve meat or fish that was stored open in the freezer with no protective packaging?
Besides off-flavors reminiscent of the ice crystals from the sides of a freezer, the colder temperatures mask craft beer’s flavors and cause excessive foaming.

20130802-140013.jpgI have a variety of beer glasses that I store in the freezer compartment of my beer fridge, which is the old side-by-side Kenmore that my parents bought from Sears in 1990. I installed my tap system myself, and can fit up to three corny kegs in it. Nothing else besides glasses is stored in the freezer, which was sanitized with a bleach solution before being used for this purpose. I store the glasses there for a variety of reasons:

1. Space. There is no other appropriate space to store all the beer glasses.

2. Convenience. The beer glasses are always right beside the beer.

3. Temperature and Distance. My beer is stored in the “brewhouse”, a separate detached building across the backyard. Beer that is dispensed must travel across the yard to the house. Sometimes, especially in the summer, the outside temperature is over 100 degrees. Beer dispensed into a room temperature (warm) glass and carried under the hot sun won’t be the ideal temperature at the time of service.

I agree that a cool glass and optimal serving temperatures would always be observed for ultimate beer enjoyment, but this assumes that beer will also always be promptly served and even more rapidly enjoyed. It makes sense for an establishment like a pub to observe the rule against frozen glasses, but considering the things I’ve outlined above, do you think it’s a Cardinal Sin against Dispensing Orthodox Catholic Joy that I use frozen glassware?


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