Beer Recipe: Franciscan Ale

IMG_3567Earlier this year, Father brought a group of Franciscans over for some provisions (and later, a little beer sampling) which I wrote about here. The Franciscans got to try some of my Franciscan Ale, which they declared could be advertised as “Franciscan Approved”!

Franciscan Ale is based upon my Religious Liberty Ale, which is based upon Liberty Ale by Anchor Brewing (one of my all-time favorite craft brewers). The story of how Fritz Maytag bought the flagging Anchor in the 1970s, saving it from bankruptcy and ignominy, and turning it into one of the first (and preeminent) craft breweries in the country, is a romantic one, with an even more romantic city for the backdrop.

Franciscan Ale makes use of the California Lager yeast (featured in most California common styles, and historically, a preferred strain for brewers in San Francisco) which brings forward more malt notes to round out the bright citrus of the Cascade hops used in this single-hopped American pale ale. Generally, I try to keep either Franciscan or Religious Liberty on draft throughout the year. It’s one of our favorites, and a great introduction to homebrew for most people, because it has great flavor but is approachable to most beginner palates.


IMG_0591[NOTE: Please continue to vote for me for Beer Camp!]


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