By some strange Confluence of Events…

On the calendar of made up holidays, today is “International Buy a Priest a Beer Day”, which happens to coincide with the birthday of my pastor and very good friend, whose favorite beverage happens to be beer.


Now, this priest is holy, too holy in fact for purchased, or commercially-available, beer. Since we’re making up holidays, and by virtue of the authority vested in me by myself, I proclaim that “International Buy a Priest a Beer Day” shall remain on the calendar for the garden variety priests, but that today shall also be “International Brew a Priest a Beer Day” for the especially holy priests who you really love.

After all, in terms of all the things that you appreciate about the priests who you know, do any of the things you appreciate involve the priest buying something?

So don’t cheat your holy priests — don’t buy — brew them something special.

[NOTE: Father would want you to vote for me for Beer Camp!]


One thought on “By some strange Confluence of Events…

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