Brewing: Getting ready for the holidays already…

I don’t know quite when I’m going to squeeze it in, but the holidays are approaching. Yes, I’m talking about Christmas. [GaspBlasphemy. Before Halloween. What a shallow consumerist.] Calm down. Brewing beer requires planning. Lots of people want to start brewing beer in the fall (for some reason). They get the idea to brew an Oktoberfest around October 15, and expect it to be ready to drink the following week. Disappointment ensues. Darker, richer beers don’t work that way. They need time to develop flavors and mature.

If you want a stout for Christmas, you’ve got to think about it now. In fact, we’re a little late to the party, to be honest. Last year I brewed an Irish Dry Stout for Christmas (“Stout Father Christmas”). After the new year, we had a French Onion Soup Party where we cooked some of the stout into the soup stock. It was amazing.

We’re doing it again. This time I’m doing a different stout recipe, to highlight some new hops that I just received:


IMG_0031There is a famous pub in the heart of Westminster called Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, purportedly frequented by Dr. Samuel Johnson and Charles Dickens in their day.

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